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2、 报到地点:国际教育学院(南山校区13号楼303A;办公室电话:88341888




22018年春学期期末汉语考试未通过者可在开学后第一周参加补考。时间:913日上午9:00; 地点:另行通知。补考通过者可进入专业学习;补考不通过者是否须继续在国际教育学院修读汉语语言或同时可进入专业学习由相关学院决定。





August 31, 2018

Dear all,

With the new semester drawing near, for a successful registration as a student of the Academic Year 2018, you are kindly reminded of the following:

1.Registration time: 8:30-11:30 am; 2:30-5:00 pm, September 8, 2018

2.Venue: School of International Education (Room 303A, Building 13, Nanshan Campus; Tel: 88341888)

3.Document needed for registration: Student card


1.Please make sure you report to the School of International Education for registration on time. In case you are unable to do so, you should notify the School of International Education in written together with the valid document of proof before September 5. With the approval of the School, you could have a leave of 2 weeks at most. To those who fail to get an approval, and/or who do not report to the School on time without asking for a leave, Shaoxing University reserves the right of disqualification of your student status. Those who fail to report to the School two weeks after September 8 are considered as automatic withdrawal of your student status. Those who have not paid for their medical insurance (RMB500) and/or the top-up fee for their campus card (RMB100) will be expected to pay in full the aforementioned fees before September 7. Failure to do so will lead to the disqualification of your student status by Shaoxing University (Office: Room 303A,  Building 13, Nanshan Campus; Tel: 88341888; Email:

2.Those who failed in the Chinese Language Test in the spring semester of 2018 will have a chance to re-take the exam at 09:00 of September 13. The examination venue will be confirmed on a later date. Those who pass the re-take can start their professional learning in their relevant schools. To those who fail again, your relevant schools will decide whether you need to have further learning of Chinese Language in the School of International education, or you can start professional learning in your post-graduate programs.  

School of International Office

Shaoxing University





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